Swift air and ground transportation and customs documentation support by Active On-Demand and Antonov Airlines helped Ford quickly resume production after fire at a supplier plan.

After a recent fire disrupted vehicle production for a number of auto manufacturers, Active On-Demand worked closely with Ford to provide logistics expertise to transport the tools and enable Ford’s production to resume sooner than expected.

Navigating the complexities with precision and speed, the Active On-Demand team arranged air and ground transportation as well as helped prepare import and export documentation to transport critical tools needed to produce components for the Ford F-150.

The mission was to arrange and manage every detail, from transportation to documentation, for an 87,000-pound die. The die tool, used to cut or shape material using a press, needed to be transported from Ohio to Nottingham, United Kingdom.

The white glove service provided by Active On-Demand also included a dedicated team member accompanying the die as it was shipped via air charter to Europe on an ANTONOV Airlines AN-124-100, one of the largest aircraft in the world.

“We are honoured to have been selected as a partner for this time-critical project,” said Graham Witton, Managing Director, ANTONOV Airlines, “and thanks to the seamless communication between our team and Active On-Demand we were able to deliver ahead of the traditional timeframe it would have taken to transport the outsized cargo. Our AN-124-100 was ideal for the transport of the 87,000-pound die, and the 30-hour flight allowed Ford Motor Company to swiftly resume production.”