World’s largest aircraft returns to market following a yearlong maintenance and upgrade.

Antonov Airlines has transported four giant Waste Heat Boilers from Germany to Saudi Arabia on board its unique 250-tonne payload AN-225, the world’s largest aircraft.

The four boilers, each weighing 140 tonnes, and measuring 3.70 meters in height, 4.10 meters in width, and 19 meters in length, were delivered to Saudi Arabia in four transports with an interval of two to four weeks, starting in April and ending in August 2018.

“Our AN-225 “Mriya” had undergone heavy maintenance and some upgrade work during most of 2017, so this project was an excellent opportunity to once again showcase this unique aircraft,” said Martin Banns, Commercial Manager, Antonov Airlines.

“These flights have given us the opportunity to remind our customers of the aircraft’s unique capabilities and give back something to the world’s aviation enthusiasts.

“The project highlighted the essential need for good cooperation between our crew and all the parties involved. The smooth, professional operation of these flights is testimony to that fact and we are grateful to our customer for working closely with us.”

In addition to the AN-225, Antonov Airlines operates a fleet of seven AN-124–100 aircraft, including two modernised -150M variants, with a payload of up to 150 tonnes, and the AN-22, the world’s largest turboprop-powered aircraft, with a payload of 60 tonnes, as well as smaller AN-74 and AN-26 aircraft.