Antonov Airlines has been at the forefront of the outsize and heavyweight air cargo industry for 30 years, providing solutions and freight charters to global projects across all industries and around the globe. Our experts are always happy to provide their input on various topics, as well as share more in-depth information via interviews. We are also operating a very unique fleet, which is generating a lot of interest wherever we fly.

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AN-225 – The largest aircraft in the world

Payloads of up to 250 tons are no problem for the Antonov 225 thanks to six powerful engines. Click here to watch a video report in German about this amazing aircraft and its role in supporting the “Energizing Bolivia” project, which increased the capacity of the Bolivian power grid by 66 per cent. (Source:

Heavy-lift record in Americas

The transportation of a 155-ton transformer using the world’s biggest aircraft – the AN-225 “Mriya”, from São Paulo, Brazil, to Santiago, Chile. It was the heaviest single piece ever airlifted in the Americas, and the second heaviest in the history of aviation.

The AN-225: ride a colossus

Transportation of a 117-ton generator from Prague, Czech Republic, to a refinery in Perth, Australia, using the AN-225 “Mriya”, which landed in Australia for the very first time. (source Deutsche Welle)

Big, Bigger, Biggest: ANTONOV-124

The episode looks at a series of aircraft, including the ANTONOV 124, the world’s largest commercial cargo aircraft, that carries everything from generators and trains to aircraft fuselage and satellites all over the world. (National Geographic HD documentary)

“X-Machines AN-225” World Record Airlift

On 11 August 2009, the heaviest single cargo item ever sent via airfreight was loaded onto an AN-225. At 16.23 metres (53.2 ft) long and 4.27 metres (14.0 ft) wide, the consignment – a generator for a gas power plant in Armenia and its loading frame weighed in at a record 189.09 tonnes (416,900 lb). (Discovery Channel documentary)