It is in the transportation of energy products that Antonov Airlines has achieved unrivalled success. Numerous world records have been set thanks to its in-house engineering expertise.

  • Antonov Airlines broke a world record for carrying a power turbine stator weighing 135,200 kg (298,060 lb) in 1993 – then the heaviest single piece of cargo carried by air.
  • Antonov Airlines’ AN-225 carried the heaviest single piece in aviation history (a generator and loading frame weighing a combined total of 189,000 kg (416,674 lb) in 2009.
  • The AN-225 also carried the heaviest single piece across South America (a 182,000 kg [401,241 lb] transformer and frame) between Brazil and Chile in 2016.
  • In 2018, Antonov Airlines successfully delivered twelve 160,000 kg (352,733 lb) heat recovery steam generators on a series of AN-225 flights between Chile and Bolivia.
  • Extensive experience in the air transportation of generators, compressors, rotors and transformers.