Delivering air cargo solutions like no other

Antonov Airlines is unique. Thirty years after its foundation, it is the operator of the world’s most-advanced AN-124-100s, and the world’s heaviest aircraft, the unique AN-225.

The specialist in air transportation of heavy, outsize and project cargo worldwide.

As the first cargo airline to offer the AN-124-100 for commercial operations, Antonov Airlines has extensive experience in the transportation of heavy, outsize and project cargo. Supported by one of the world’s foremost aircraft designers, Antonov Airlines has all the tools you need to safely deliver your cargo, whatever the range and complexity.

The only airline in the world to offer cargo airlifts ranging from 5,500 kg to 250,000 kg.

From the AN-26-100 to the AN-225, Antonov Airlines operates an unrivaled fleet of cargo aircraft. If you’re looking to urgently ship 45 cubic metres of pharmaceuticals, or the entire factory that produces them, then we have the capability to deliver.

Delivering professional air cargo solutions across the aerospace, automotive, energy, humanitarian & peacekeeping, industrial, maritime and oil & gas sectors.

We work with many of the world’s leading companies. From aircraft engine manufacturers, to global oil companies, Antonov Airlines has kept aircraft production lines going and major oil pipelines flowing. The expertise we have gained is transferable across every industry.

Extensive experience in managing some of the most challenging air cargo shipments.

Towards the end of 2018, Antonov Airlines delivered some 1,500 tonnes of relief supplies to the typhoon-hit Northern Mariana Islands. Earlier that same year, the AN-225 ‘Mriya’ carried twelve generators, each weighing 160 tonnes, across the Andean Mountains. In short, Antonov Airlines can rise to any air cargo challenge.

Commercial activities undertaken by offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, London, UK, and Houston, USA.

With offices spanning multiple time zones, Antonov Airlines’ commercial staff are on-hand to provide advice and solutions throughout any 24-hour period. The planning of Antonov Airlines’ flying programme is also coordinated by the Commercial Department, so you can be sure of up-to-date information at all times of the day and night.

Unique loading solutions provided by qualified engineers in Kyiv, Ukraine, and London, UK.

With a team of experienced load planning engineers, supported by the design engineers of the renowned Antonov portfolio of aircraft, Antonov Airlines can easily provide bespoke loading solutions for even the most challenging of heavy or outsize air cargo projects.

Route planning and operational activities monitored by 24-hour Operations offices.

Traffic right, overflight and technical permissions are monitored from Operations offices in Kyiv and London. Flight planning, slot requests and crew briefs are also coordinated to ensure the Antonov Airlines fleet is flying 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each aircraft is crewed by experienced pilots, technicians and an onboard flight manager.

Comprising several test pilots, Antonov Airlines’ flight deck crews are considered the most experienced in the world. The company’s technicians are also drawn from its Kyiv maintenance base, while its dedicated Flight Managers come from all parts of the airline.